Practical Advice, Not Theory.

What We Do
Turn to us for advice.
Roscommon Advisors offers a complete suite of financial and clinical services to the health care industry.  Our superior financial and clinical team has the practical experience that no other firm can match.   We understand our clients' and how best to serve them because we have experienced the same issues first hand.  We will apporoach  delivery of service to our clients as if it were our own business.
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Our Services
Our team can help you
  1. Start Up and Exit Advice
    Whether considering an acquision or contemplating an exit strategy, Roscommon can guide you through the myriad of regulatory, financial and personal decisions
  2. Outsourced/Interim Staffing
    Whether you need an Admistrator to cover a vacation or a complete back-office, Roscommon Advisors has the experienced staff that will provide you with confidence and peace of mind.
  3. Accountancy
    Whether you need periodic book-keeping or a HUD audit, Roscommon Advisors will complete the engagement timely and cost effectively.
Clinical Advice
Drawing on the experience of seasoned clinicians from the provider and regulatory side, Roscommn Advisors provides the practical advice that will ensure excellent patient care, keep to in compliance and ensure that proper synergies exist with finance